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Leading Provider Launches GRM Healthcare Coding Program

二月 21, 2014

GRM, a full cycle records and information management company recently developed a dynamic healthcare patient coding solution for a leading U.S./U.K. healthcare provider.  With over 150 hospital facilities, 100 plus surgery centers, close to 200,000 employees and a network that spans the U.S. and England, this provider had an immediate need to improve patient care medical coding for its operations.

“The organization handles about five percent of the inpatient care delivered in the United States, “ said Gene Stewart, GRM’s Director of Alliances and Channels, “which obviously involves a great deal of coding. Fortunately, we were able to improve their process and deliver dramatic time and cost savings. What they were looking for, initially, from GRM was coding support for potentially 750 U.S.-based member physician practices. Our solution, as demonstrated in an initial pilot program, effectively eliminated expensive delays and errors as well as many thousands of dollars in mail delivery charges.”

Records from these practices arrive at the company’s main offices via fax, mail and occasionally Fed Ex. Upon receipt, documents are compiled and reviewed to make certain all of the necessary information has been received. Coding is then assigned to internal employees or outside contract coders, who receive their assignments based on medical specialty expertise.

What prompted GRM’s involvement were a number of growing challenges within the healthcare organization’s in-place coding process. They included a heavy reliance on the manual handling of paper and frequently receiving patient paperwork that was incomplete.  These issues led to a high incidence of information error, process interruption and lengthy delays that negatively impacted productivity and

overhead costs. Errors, and incomplete records required representatives of the healthcare organization to frequently contact physician practices multiple times to resolve discrepancies. This, combined with the sheer volume of claims (several hundred per week) only aggravated the delays and contributed to a growing backlog in coding, which, in turn, translated into longer and longer wait times for physician practices to be paid.

“For the company and its physician practice members, the entire medical coding system was struggling,” continued Mr. Stewart. “Bills were not being sent and money was not being collected in a timely, cost-effective manner. And every indicator pointed to the situation only getting worse. When the patient coding backlog reached a critical point, the Associate Vice President of Coding Operations stepped in, determined to find a better way. “

It came in a GRM test pilot program for 15 practices, which took only two weeks to implement. Using eforms, GRM created an electronic claim submission process that could be easily accessed and completed through the GRM Online Record Center, a flexible, Cloud-based, digital repository. This system enabled the capture and accounting of all necessary physical information on the very first attempt. It also ensured the electronic attaching and archiving of any required paperwork (whether physical or residing on a computer or other digital device) through Kofax scanning and file uploads.

Under this program, a digital information package is created for each patient encounter that includes a kind of cover sheet listing and summarizing the contents. A workflow is also initiated that only allows the submission of a claim to the company when all of the necessary claim information is included. This places the accountability for information quality control and delays in processing on the practice, which will not be in line to receive payment until all of the claim information is provided completely and correctly.  It also makes the workflow process, which is based on the type of patient encounter, simpler and more streamlined. As a result, claims are coded and processed much sooner. The bottom line for the healthcare services company and their member practices is that costs are cut, bottlenecks are eliminated, efficiency is added throughout the process and payments to practices are accelerated.

As the pilot program continues to exceed expectations, GRM’s solution is on track for expansion throughout the healthcare services company and its 3,000 facilities that handle patient care. Added Mr. Stewart, “In terms of raising productivity and lowering costs, this coding solution has proven exceptionally successful.  So much that the organization is now planning on applying our capabilities to extract and store in one place electronic documents from the more than 20 different EMR and clinical documentation systems that they currently use.”

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