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Engineering projects require precision and organization in terms of execution and management, and this starts with providing involved parties with greater accessibility to critical information. Given its paper-based format, some documentation that is integral to a project’s completion such as large-scale blue prints or construction plans are difficult to share amongst employees, especially to those in the field.

Our information management solutions can address both the digital conversion of non-standard sized documents and more importantly, provide your engineering operation with immediate access to crucial information on-the-go. Now field employees can leverage crucial project details from the convenience of their mobile devices and remain in seamless business communication with in-house project members.

GRM Digital Content Management

Content Management

Given the pressing need for employees to access information and collaborate with each other, it is challenging to get an engineering project moving in the right direction when blue prints and construction plans can’t be easily shared. All of our record storage facilities are equipped with the state-of-the-art scanners that can handle the digitization of large-format documents with ease. After our specialized imaging teams have accurately converted your important documents, we can upload those scanned files to our cloud-based repository so your employees can start leveraging them from any web-enabled device.

Moreover, our optical character recognition (OCR) technology makes the file searching process within our cloud-based online repository much faster by offering users the option of running keyword searches to immediately locate a desired file. Quickly access all relevant information from a single, intuitive user interface and proceed to view and share project-related data with other collaborators in a faster and more secure way than before; allowing projects to progress smoothly to the point of completion.

GRM Physical Record Management

Record Management

Over time, construction projects tend to generate a great deal of physical documentation with project plans and work contracts going through multiple revisions. Of course, all of this new documentation requires secure, safe and organized storage for simple future reference.

Our robust record management program brings higher levels of organization and cost-effectiveness to your document management processes by allowing us to store and manage your paper records inventory. Our modern record centers contain the latest security and climate control systems on the market and are monitored by our industry-compliant, trained personnel.

As soon as your records enter our facilities, they’re affixed with unique barcodes and stored according to our PrecisonPlus Tracking system guidelines. When documents have been requested through our customer online portal, eAccess, our staff is able to quickly pinpoint the exact location of your files and scan them for immediate viewing or deliver them to your offices; either way, our tracking methods ensure no record is ever lost or misplaced.

In addition, we’ll work closely with you to develop legally-compliant records management retention polices for your physical record inventory and once they’ve turned obsolete and no longer require storage, we’ll destroy your records for you.

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