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Bringing Greater Efficiency
to Government Data Management

Government agencies, both at a local and national level, process a tremendous amount of physical and digital information on a daily basis. When there isn’t a central document repository in place and different data exists in different silos, managing and leveraging this information can be nearly impossible. In addition to having difficulty accessing the right data, government employees frequently employ manual, inefficient processing methods to complete their records management tasks.
Our content management solutions can increase the accessibility of your physical and digital information as well as boost the efficiency of processes such as lengthy form approvals or the manual keying of data. GRM can help eliminate the inefficiencies that place a strain on your department’s day-to-day productivity and facilitate the data management of high volumes of information so your agency can meet their service level requirements.
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Faster Processing
Through Automation

In order to speed up data entry processes we have to dispense with the manual, time-consuming aspects of form-filling. iForms, one of our workflow automation solutions, is able to capture a document, identify relevant data, and then leverage this identified information by auto-populating it into another form. Now, staff no longer have to dedicate a significant amount of time to the process of entering data into a department database.

In addition to data entry processes, we can automate lengthy approval sequences through our decision-based routing solution. Pending documents are passed from one approver to the next until a form is fully approved. These workflow automation solutions allow administrators to re-allocate employee resources to other areas of their department and maximize overall staff and records management productivity.

Data Accessibility Cloud Technology

Data Accessibility

Aside from dramatically boosting the processing capacity of a government agency, we also provide a fast, seamless way for employees and administrators to securely access government data. Our cloud-based repository serves as both a digital storage and collaborative tool for government agencies of any size. It leverages our legacy data archive technology which is able to pull relevant information from existing legacy systems and display it seamlessly through a single user interface. In terms of implementation, no extensive configurations are necessary in order to start using this cloud-based repository.

From a security standpoint, each user is given their own credentials and can only view documents they have been cleared to access by an administrator, who can also examine department-wide records management activities to make sure processes are being conducted efficiently and in accordance with compliance protocols. With this digital government records management solution, your office will not only save on operational costs but also provide better service and elevate the daily productivity of your employees.

Physical Document Storage Digital Conversion

Physical Storage &
Digital Conversion

Given the overwhelming influx of new paperwork, the secure storage, retrieval and exchange of physical information is a difficult undertaking for any government body, especially if there aren’t standard record management resources and related procedures in place. Our state-of-the-art document storage facilities can ensure that your physical records are professionally stored and retrieved by our experienced staff in a timely, organized and compliant manner. We have industry-leading security systems and measures to protect against breaches in confidentiality and the loss or destruction of your records.

Each of our document storage record centers are equipped with scanning centers that facilitate the imaging of records if a file needs to be immediately viewed and also serves as a base of operations for small to enterprise-level digital conversion projects. Moreover, we’re able to devise record retention programs for your physical inventory and inform you when it’s time to destroy your records; saving you storage-related costs and the effort of seeking out a third-party shredder on your own.

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