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An organization’s most valuable asset is its people and by extension, its human resource department serves an essential and strategic role in ensuring the steady growth of a company. In order to keep an HR department functioning at an optimal level and serving the needs of current and future employees, whether it’s related to employee retention or talent acquisition, document-based workflows have to progress quickly and efficiently to the point of completion.
Our information management solutions are able to dramatically increase the accessibility of information to department employees and streamline time-consuming manual procedures so HR workflows can move along smoothly. We’ll enhance records management processes the way information is managed, distributed and utilized within your department so employee requests can be fulfilled faster and more efficiently; keeping employee satisfaction levels high.
HR Processing

Automated HR Processing

GRM’s workflow automation solutions are able to significantly accelerate the processing speed of data-entry tasks as well as facilitate the approval of pending HR documentation. With our intelligent form technology, iForms, and our advanced capture solutions, we can seamlessly capture structured and unstructured employee information and use this captured data to auto-populate relevant documents. Once an auto-populated form is completed, it can then be stored in our cloud-based repository.

This automated approach to data- entry processes drastically lowers the probability of clerical errors speeds up the process and ultimately results in a reduction in operational costs. Once onboarding documents require the review of a manager, our workflow technology can initiate the approval process and keep it in-line through to its completion.

Our decision-based routing technology automatically sends pending forms to the appropriate users and allow them to provide their stamp of approval with our built-in eSignature feature. If a document is deemed unfit to progress to the next reviewer in the approval chain, it is sent back to a previous approver for further evaluation. And, if an approval process stalls, there is an automated emailing system that will notify an approver that action is required.

With GRM workflow automation , experience cost-effective processing and unprecedented increases in your HR department’s capacity to complete more tasks faster.

Department-wide Visibility

Department-Wide Visibility

When you don’t have a top-level, comprehensive view of what’s going on in your HR department, it becomes impossible to identify areas of inefficiency and makes it difficult for third-party auditors to review internal procedures.

GRM’s cloud-based vendor neutral repository operates as a central point of interaction for HR employees for accessing, viewing and sharing information. And implementation of this system is simple; given its compatibility with any existing human resource information system (HRIS). Now, all digital files can be archived and retrieved by authorized users; eliminating the need to gather information from different sources.

With all information in one place, you can monitor the progression of processes and as an administrator, you’re able to ensure HR activities are moving swiftly and remain compliant.

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