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Confidential Sharing
of Data for Legal Sector

The inaccessibility of vital information and slowed collaboration are some prevalent records management issues facing legal organizations. With an overwhelming flow of paper documents making their way in, legal associates are given the impossible task of scanning, archiving and retrieving information in the face of time-sensitive cases.
Each of our legal document management solutions have been developed with a focus on providing personnel with easy access to critical information and facilitating the secure sharing of confidential information from one associate to the next. We provide law firms with a complete spectrum of physical and digital information management solutions.

Complete, Secure
Record Management

Law firms have a pressing need to access their physical records on a daily basis, which is partially the reason why many firms opt to keep so much of their document inventory stored onsite. As new legal paperwork continues to roll in, it becomes more and more impractical for firms to handle document management in-house in a secure, organized and timely fashion.

Our comprehensive records solutions provide complete, end-to-end legal records management throughout the lifecycle of your documents. We’re able to take all your records and safely store them in our modern facilities; each equipped with the latest security and fire suppression systems. Moreover, our dedicated account managers are consistently audited to ensure our record management practices are never non-compliant.

At all times, we can track the chain-of-custody of any portion of your inventory through our PrecisionPlus tracking system, allowing us to pinpoint the exact location of a box and retrieve your paper records quickly. In addition, our nationwide network of record centers and transport services provide the ideal infrastructure to meet the records demands of any-sized law firm.

Law and Legal

Legal Collaboration

With a constant stream of paperwork pouring into law firms every day, it’s difficult to promptly digitize all this information for maximized utility with limited time and resources.

As a part of our digital records services, our state-of-the-art scanning centers and compliant imaging teams are capable of electronically converting your physical records and storing them in a central repository; thereby boosting the accessibility of important legal information greatly accelerating legal processes such as eDiscovery.

Our dedicated imaging teams are able to handle small to large conversion projects and all scanned files are stored in our cloud-based repository; providing firms with a secure and simple means of accessing and sharing information amongst authorized users.

From a security standpoint, only users with the proper credentials can view a sensitive legal file, which drastically reduces the possibility of a confidentiality breach. Our cutting edge, data storage infrastructure protects data against outside security threats and makes sure all your digital information is backed up in the event of a disaster recovery situation.

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