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for the Entertainment Industry

The daily operations of an entertainment company involve a lot of moving pieces and when you factor in the significant amount of people working out in the field, business communication can turn problematic. Given the nature of the entertainment business and its tight deadlines and detail-oriented processes, there needs to be a fast way for employees to access and share information.
With our information management solutions in place, make your physical and digital information more accessible to the right people, whether they’re inside or outside the office. Provide authorized users with a central point from which to quickly upload, leverage and share documents so production teams are up-to-date on project changes and document-based processes can progress smoothly.

Asset Management

In order to increase the accessibility of vital information amongst your employees in the office and in the field, physical documents need to be accurately and quickly converted into digital format and leveraged from a central online location. Our cloud-based repository requires no extensive configurations to install, can function seamlessly with existing business systems and is accessible from mobile devices. All data is end-to-end encrypted and only authorized personnel can enter their credentials to access information.

In terms of streamlining collaborative processes such as the approval of documents, we’re able to add automation and structure to these document management processes with our decision-based routing solution and eSignature feature. Forms that are pending review are automatically sent to the appropriate recipients within a department and continue to make their way through an approval chain until a form has been fully approved.

In addition, if a pending approval request has not been fulfilled within an allotment of time, an email is sent to the approver as a reminder to take action so an approval workflow does not stall. By introducing our digital content management solutions into your company, business procedures such as onboarding or invoice processing can progress at a faster, more efficient pace with streamlined approval workflows and boosted accessibility to information.

Physical Records

Record Management

We understand that in the entertainment business there are both physical records as well as associated media that require storage for an extended period of time. Often times, this information is stored onsite and as more documents, video tapes, and digital recordings are produced over time, it becomes much more difficult to adhere to structured, compliant archiving due to a lack of office resources.

Our secure, climate-controlled document storage facilities can house all your information within one location and once your inventory enters our storage centers, our PrecisionPlus tracking system places a unique barcode on all your assets. Whenever you need to access your records, submit your request through our online customer portal, eAccess and our trained staff can promptly retrieve and deliver your assets to you physically or electronically.

Our time-tested document management archival procedures coupled with our strong infrastructure and industry expertise make us uniquely qualified to provide top-of-the-line record management solutions that’ll reduce your company’s operational costs.

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