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Real Estate

Integrated Records Management
for Real Estate

Physical and digital information in the form of contractual agreements, property listings, financial disclosures and other documents related to your daily real estate operations are among your most important business possessions. When this information is leveraged properly, it can cut costs, raise productivity, promote collaboration and lead optimal decision-making.
We provide the ideal information management solutions for real estate clients struggling with accessing, sharing and managing their physical and digital information. Not only can we convert all your records into digital format and improve the accessibility to vital information, but we have the workflow automation technology to accelerate time-consuming, manual tasks.
Cloud Platforms

Information Management

Converting your physical records into electronic format is the first step towards boosting the accessibility of information throughout your company. Without a central document repository to house your data, users can’t leverage the right information when they need it. Our cloud-based information management system provides employees with access to important digital files and does not require any extensive configurations to install.

After our scanning centers have completed your digital conversion project, small or large, we’ll upload your recently scanned documents onto our cloud repository for immediate viewing. All digitally stored information is end-to-end encrypted to protect against data breaches and your critical data is backed up on our offsite servers in the event of a disaster situation. With our content management solution, reduce costs related to record management, storage and retrieval and increase the availability of vital information to authorized users.


Departmental Efficiency

Within your HR and Accounting departments there are aspects of document-based processing that limit their productivity and efficiency. Those processes that are time-consuming and involve a great deal of manual involvement revolve around data entry and drawn-out document approval cycles. In terms of manual data entry, we offer our intelligent form technology, iForms, capable of capturing structured or unstructured information and leveraging this captured information to automatically populate data fields on other similar forms.

From a document approval standpoint, inefficiency lies in the stalling and slow progression of a pending document as it makes its way through an approval chain. Our decision-based routing solution and automatic notification system work in tandem to streamline drawn-out, disorganized approval workflows by automatically sending unapproved documents to the right recipients and emailing them reminders to take action on pending approvals.

Once a user approves a document using our eSignature feature, the document proceeds to the next reviewer in line until it is fully approved. With these automation solutions, your back office departments can handle a larger volume of work more efficiently.

Complete Record Management

Record Management

Given the constant influx of new paperwork, we understand that document management requires significant office resources to store all your business records on-premises and retrieve them when needed. This can take a toll on your organization’s daily operational costs and overall productivity.

We’ll keep your physical records stored in our state-of-the-art facilities and process them through our PrecisionPlus tracking system to ensure your files are properly archived and can be quickly retrieved. Subsequently when you require quick access to your stored files, submit a request through our online customer portal, eAccess and our dedicated imaging teams will scan your files for immediate viewing.

Moreover, we focus on providing you with complete, end-to-end records solutions, which involve the management of your physical information when it’s reached the end of its retention program. We’ll let you know when your stored files are ready to be destroyed and our trained personnel and certified destruction methods ensure the purging process is completed in a professional manner.

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