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GRM Releases Video on Blended Solution Information Management

四月 23, 2015

GRM, a leader in lifecycle information management solutions, announced today the release of a short, animated video that introduces and identifies the benefits of its unique Blended Solution for information management.

“In this video,” said John Buglino, GRM’s Marketing Manager, “we address a major challenge faced by  most businesses, namely how to protect paper records while simultaneously migrating that information to the advantages of a digital environment. The video gets right to the point about how GRM bridges that gap. And it’s all communicated in less than 90 seconds.”

The GRM Blended Solution draws upon a comprehensive suite of services that includes offsite physical storage, on-demand imaging, intelligent capture, digital archiving in a Cloud-based repository and electronic workflow automation. With GRM, critical records can be retained in both paper and electronic media, allowing one version to serve as backup for the other. At the same time, most paper documents can be destroyed after the information is converted to digital and safely archived. This allows obsolete and redundant information to be eliminated, thereby reducing inventory volumes and associated storage costs.

Once digitized, information can be uploaded to a client database or made accessible via GRM’s VisualVault Enterprise Content Management platform. This system securely tracks and stores data while enabling quick distribution and metadata extraction for automated workflow business processes across an enterprise.

“GRM offers a best-of-both-worlds solution here,” continued Buglino, “as many information management providers specialize in either physical records or digital, not both like GRM. And those that come from the digital perspective usually urge customers to transition all information quickly.  GRM, on the other hand, allows the needs of the client, not the vendor, to determine the pace of migration.

To learn more about paper-to-digital migration and specifically, the GRM Blended Solution, view the new video from GRM by visiting


GRM has been a leading provider of information management solutions. We continue to demonstrate technological leadership by bringing proprietary innovation to document storage solutions, digital records management, data protection services, document shredding services and healthcare release of information.

Fully integrated products and services include: eAccess remote inventory control, the private Cloud-based Online Record Center ECM, business process workflow automation with the industry’s most powerful eForms application tool, a blended paper to digital migration solution and the GRMpedia retention regulatory research tool.

GRM’s full service capabilities are now available in 15 major markets throughout the U.S., including Austin, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

GRM is also currently the largest document storage and records management company in China and recently opened international locations in Lima, Peru and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. For more information, visit the GRM web site at


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