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GRM Video Highlights Document Storage Solutions

七月 1, 2015

Jersey City, New Jersey—GRM, a leader in lifecycle information management solutions, today announced the release of a short, animated video highlighting the advantages of its Offsite Document Storage services.

In just over a minute, ,” said John Buglino, GRM Head of Marketing, “this video clearly conveys the advantages of moving physical documents offsite to one of our secure facilities. Document storage with GRM is a cost-effective solution for any company that wants to get better organized, recover valuable office space, reduce the volume of its paper inventory and mitigate information-related risk.”

Offsite document storage is also a proven way to hedge against natural and manmade disasters. Having records stored separately in a location removed from a company’s day-to-day operations can provide reliable backup that helps speed recovery. What’s more, storing paper offsite with GRM allows organizations to easily transition to other services that can lower information-related costs and dramatically increase productivity.  For instance, GRM offers on demand scanning where select files can be quickly imaged and digitally uploaded to a company’s electronic system or GRM’s accessible VisualVault repository.  This allows a company to gradually transition, at its own pace, to managing more of its information within a digital environment, where there are substantial benefits to be realized in business process workflow automation.

Continued Buglino, “While many information management vendors promise a completely paperless information environment, reality indicates that the need for paper document storage will continue to grow despite incredible amounts of information being migrated to digital. That places GRM in an ideal position, because we simultaneously service both formats.”

Learn more by viewing the new GRM Document Storage solutions video here.

 More About GRM

GRM Document Management is a leading provider of lifecycle records and information management solutions. The company continues to demonstrate technological leadership by bringing proprietary innovation and new levels of cost efficiency to document storage, data protection, digital/electronic document management and certified destruction.

Fully integrated products and services include: eAccess remote inventory control, the VisualVault Online Record Center ECM platform, business process workflow automation, the industry’s most powerful eForms application tool, a blended paper to digital migration solution, medical Release of Information, the GRMpedia regulatory research tool and consultative Compliance/Governance expertise.

GRM’s full service capabilities are now available in 15 major markets throughout the U.S., including Austin, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

GRM is also currently the largest document storage/records management company in China and recently opened international locations in Lima, Peru and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. For more information, visit the GRM web site at


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